10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

This one is truly for the ladies. Dudes, you just hang in there and be real quiet. I ain’t hitting on your girlfriends, but I am certainly going to tell them a few things and trust me on this; you’ll be thanking me later on.

So females, now that I have your true and undivided attention, let me give you a list of things every woman should know about men. This is certainly going to help you help him create a lasting and very strong relationship.

Here’s a list of things every woman should know about men. Be very attentive when you read through, it’s like I’m giving you the key to our secret kingdom. Tread ever so slowly!

Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

1. Stay away from his search history

You won’t be able to handle it. It’s more or less similar for every guy, so don’t you think he’s perverted or something. You’ll regret if you go browsing where he has been. There’ll be things you can’t unsee so let them be, okay?

2. You cannot change him

Of all the things every woman should know about men, this is the most important and intellectual one. You cannot change him. You might think you can pull it off, but it’s not true. Even if you do it, he will find out and he will resent you for the entire thing. Love your man the way he is.

3. Don’t take it personally if he checks out other women

Unless you see him drooling or leering, let it just be. It’s a reflex and he just can’t help it. Let it slide by.

4. He’s going to choose his friends over you

This is one of the most important things every woman should know about men. They’ve been with him through thick and then and he’ll balk if you try to 86 his friends out of his life. He’ll sacrifice everything for them, so just don’t try to get involved and be bitchy about his friends.

5. Never ever criticize his mother

If he’s doing it and you’re commiserating with him, it’s fine. But if you’re the one doing it, watch out! Perhaps there are qualities in her that he saw in you, so yeah, be careful.

6. Let shit go

You’ll have a lot of things to fight over once in a relationship. But when the fight’s over, let it really go. Don’t throw back old arguments.

7. Don’t ask questions you can’t handle the answers to

He’s got a past and so do you. Spare him the details if you love him now. Don’t think where he was while you were nonexistent for him.

8. Don’t bombard him the second he walks in

Yes, he knows you’ve had a tough today or you have plans to redo the house but just wait. Let him freshen up, unwind and eat for the love of God before you start bombarding him with stuff.

9. Don’t withhold sex

You can be mad at him, but if you cut him off for a long time, whatever happens next is going to be on you.

10. He notices when you don’t wear what he bought you

So if you don’t like it, say so and spare him the ordeal for the next time. You’ll do him and your relationship a favor. It looks ungrateful if you wear it once and forgo it forever then. He notices, okay?

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10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men


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