20 Awe-Inspiring Examples of City Skyline Photography

Brian Hampson

Cities are great subjects to photograph. They offer a wide variety of subjects that are suited for both HDR and straight photography, including night, street and architectural photography. Today, we will look at 20 awe-inspiring examples of city skyline photography. Some pictures are captured in the day, some in twilight and some at night. There is a lot of inspiration in a city for any urban photography project.

There are thousands of amazing city skylines all over the world. Some are made beautiful by the architectures themselves, while others are commended by the natural surroundings. Whatever the case may be, the way a photographer captures the city skyline is as important for the final result as the skyline itself. A skilled photographer can make a work of art even out of an average skyline.

Here are 20 great examples of city skyline photography. There is a mixture of twilight, daytime and nighttime photographs. While some are extensively post-processed, others are not. Not all pictures are taken professionally, but they all capture the essence of the skyline they feature.

20 Beautiful Examples of City Skyline Photography

city skyline photography nikolaos kapsalis

1. Picture captured by Nikolaos Kapsalis.

 city skyline photography sus bogaerts

2. Picture captured by Sus Bogaerts.

 city skyline photography karim nafatni

3. Picture captured by Karim Nafatni.

 city skyline photography mohamed alwerdany

4. Picture captured by Mohamed Alwerdany.

 city skyline photography coolbiere

5. Picture captured by Coolbiere.

 city skyline photography owen buckley

6. Picture captured by Owen Buckley.

 karim nafatni

7. Picture captured by Karim Nafatni.

 Jason Hawkes

8. Picture captured by Jason Hawkes.

 Four Sesaons

9. Picture captured by Four Sesaons.

 Age Fotostock

10. Picture captured by Age Fotostock.

 Peter Schenk

11. Picture captured by Peter Schenk.

 Vadim Mahorov

12. Picture captured by Vadim Mahorov.

 Matthew Givot

13. Picture captured by Matthew Givot.

 Brandon Sharpe

14. Picture captured by Brandon Sharpe.

 Jack French

15. Picture captured by Jack French.

 Mike Lavoie

16. Picture captured by Mike Lavoie.

 Brian Hampson

17. Picture captured by Brian Hampson.

 Alexis Birkill

18. Picture captured by Alexis Birkill.

 Kevin Woods

19. Picture captured by Kevin Woods.

 Nico Trinkhaus

20. Picture captured by Nico Trinkhaus.

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20 Awe-Inspiring Examples of City Skyline Photography


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