25 Absurd and Crazy Reasons My Son Is Crying

Reasons My Son Is Crying

Children might be the cutest thing on Earth, yet they can make you insane when they weep for senseless reasons. At times, these adorable little kids cry, and I do mean really cry, for reasons that are so absurd that most of us can’t help laughing. Although it isn’t good to laugh when your kid is crying, the reasons are so pointless that they trigger uncontrollable mirth is us.

Fortunately for us, these days there’s an amusing website for everything, and for this particular situation there is an amazingly funny site called Reasons My Son is Crying. One of the website users submitted a whole collection of children weeping for the funniest of reasons ever. The website has become so popular that the owners have also published a book.

Here are a few of my favorite picks from Reasons My Son is Crying. If you like the picks, perhaps you can check out the complete collection at Reasons My Son is Crying and have a great time relating to the stories and rolling on the floor laughing.

And The Reasons My Son Is Crying Are…

1. He cries because his dinner isn’t ready on time.
2. He cried because I ended up flushing my poop before he could look at it. (Imagine!)
3. My son cries when he sees Miley on TV.
4. He cried because the microwave supposedly ate his lunch.
5. I bought them new hats and my twins ended up crying their lungs out because they liked the old ones better.
6. He saw iron man without his costume. (Illusion shattered!)
7. He usually puts himself in time out… no reason being there at all!
8. The goat ate the food he was supposed to be feeding it from his hand.
9. I broke his cheese slice in half!
10. Someone (he, himself actually) ate all the muffins and now they’re gone.
11. He doesn’t want to go along (even though we told him repeatedly we weren’t even going anywhere).

Reasons My Son Is Crying

12. We took our daughter to a Justin Bieber concert. She cried on top of her lungs along with the commotion!
13. We told him he didn’t need to put on sunscreen while it was raining.

Absurd Reasons My Son Is Crying
14. It was his sister’s turn to use the garden hose.
15. He found a hot dog hidden in the cornbread he was eating.
16. He thought if he would color himself green, he would turn into the Incredible Hulk. (He didn’t, his mom did, minus the green color)
17. We sang the Happy Birthday song for him!
18. He wants a tattoo for his birthday. We don’t agree.
19. The birthday guests ate all of his birthday cake!
20. His T-Rex’s jaw isn’t big enough to bite the head off his Lego-man.
21. She dropped the receipt we happened to receive at the gas station.

Crazy Reasons My Son Is Crying
22. He found out I have a name other than what she calls me; I am not “mum”.
23. The cake finished because he, himself ate it all.
24. He thinks the printed letters on his shirt are upside down!
25. She couldn’t get the last Cheerio on the spoon.

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25 Absurd and Crazy Reasons My Son Is Crying


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