5 Things You Can Try to Get a Good Sleep

Good Sleep

Good Sleep

You do know you haven’t gotten enough of your sleep when you not only feel groggy, but also pissed off the next morning. You wake up flustered, cranky, weary and definitely not ready or eager to take on the world, even the one that you know of. However, beside the headache and the grogginess that results from an uncomfortable or not enough good sleep, scientific research has shown that lack of sleep can be quite detrimental for health. It increases the risks of conditions like diabetes, obesity, depression, heart diseases and even an early death.

Lack of good sleep is more dangerous for your health than you might have suspected, so here are 6 things to try so you can sleep peacefully tonight when you go to bed.

1. Try a better pillow to get a good sleep

This is the most obvious solution. Even goldilocks knew about it. It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. A medium firm pillow is very important to improve sleep. Your head and neck need firm support when you sleep, so get a good pillow for a good sleep.

2. Developing a bed ritual

The whole process of getting ready for bed starts to shut down your mind as if you are actually sleepy. Recall your childhood and you’ll find a clear example. Change in your PJs, read something, get tucked in and turn off all the lights. Follow the ritual daily and you’ll see it works even now too. Trick your mind into knowing that it’s time for bed and it will bring on a good sleep once you lay down.

3. Take a hot shower

A hot bath or a shower can help your mind peacefully zonk out. The cooling down effect your body experiences after a warm bath is wondrous for relaxing your body and making you fall asleep.

4. Get some lavender and keep it around

There is a particular reason why the scent industry is crazy about putting lavender into everything. The intoxicating smell of this herb actually relaxes the mind and the body. For you or just about anyone else, it will provide the perfect opportunity to relax and head off to la la land without much problem. Scientifically, lavender is known to slow down heart rate and blood pressure which puts you into a parasympathetic state, which in general terms means a relaxed one. So get some fresh lavender, or get a lavender induced candle or use lavender bath oil, endless possibilities for a peaceful sleep.

5. Switch off all electronics

The problem with staying connected is that it doesn’t lets you sleep. Whether it’s TV, phone or tablet, shut it down when you are trying to sleep. Continuous use of the phone or electronics acts as a stressor and increases your stress hormone cortisol and therefore keeps you away from a better sleep. Give yourself 30 minutes to unwind, away from all electricals before you sleep. You’ll see a significant difference in your sleeping pattern if you start practicing this.

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5 Things You Can Try to Get a Good Sleep


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