The Most Adorable Animal Bonding Story Ever

Animal Bonding Trio

Animal Bonding Trio

It’s not only human instinct to look for security, protection and attachment, nor is it only humans who bond together well if they come from a common distraught background. Following is a story of the most lovable and adorable animal bonding ever. The story of a trio of a bear, a tiger and a lion who were rescued in troubled conditions from the house of a drug dealer in Atlanta. Having been trapped in the basement since long, this trio was distraught, scared, hungry and needed strong protection, which they have happened to find amongst each other.

The Story of Animal Bonding between Leo, Shere Khan and Baloo

Animal Bonding

Leo (the African lion), Shere Khan (the Bengal Tiger) and Baloo (the Black Bear), as the authorities have now named them, came from a similar background of fear and abuse. The trio was rescued from the basement of the drug dealer’s house in miserable conditions and found only each other for support. Since then these three animals have bonded together so well, that they have become inseparable. Theirs is a true and most affectionate story of animal bonding to be found ever.

Tiger Lion Bear

Found as cubs, these three animals were traumatized, had bacterial infections and were underfed beyond imagination. Together they were brought together to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. The rescue happened some thirteen years ago and the animals have been together since then. Affectionately, at the sanctuary, they are referred to as BLT together, namely, bear, lion and tiger.  They are definitely the most adorable and cutest animal sandwich to be seen together. Baloo, the bear, was the one to have suffered the most damage and ill-treatment at the house of the drug dealer. It was harnessed as a cub and the harness cut into his skin on daily basis. The harness, in fact, was so harsh that it had grown into Baloo’s skin and required him to undergo a surgery to have the mistreatments cured. He was taken to the vet’s for a surgery and had to stay there until he was fit to be back to the sanctuary.

Leo Shere Khan

His absence showed the most amazing example of animal bonding back at the sanctuary, where both Shere Khan and Leo were distraught with Baloo’s absence. The exuberance of the three animals was beyond words when Baloo was brought back after it had recovered from the surgery. The trio has not been separated since then.

Animal Friends

Come what may, this trio stays together through thick and thin. They have bonded over their earliest memories together and cannot bear to stay away from each other now. They are the most exceptional case of animal bonding one has ever seen. This trio lives like animals of the same species. They nuzzle together, play together and are extremely affectionate towards one another.

If humans were to learn to love and live together as one, this trio forms one of the perfect examples to draw inspiration from. They love each other regardless of their caste, creed, color or species as animals. What matters to them is the lovable bond they share with one another since the past 13 years.

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The Most Adorable Animal Bonding Story Ever


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