The Advantages and Perks of Getting Older

Perks of Getting Older

Perks of Getting Older

Getting older sucks, that’s what we all believe in. One really doesn’t have to walk aimlessly in a retirement home to actually feel that way. Instead, when you’re older, you know it sucks each morning when you open your eyes and wake up.

Getting older means there’s less spring in the first step you take and more soreness in places you’ve never actually felt pain before. And more obviously you find yourself drowned in a valley of apathy, whereas you previously climbed a mountain of enthusiasm when you got up every day.

The freshness of high school and college life has faded away and the memories have washed away. There’s the mundane routine of everyday life that we call reality.

Yes, it is very tragic when one loses all that optimism of youth and hope dies. However, as we advance in age, there comes something more vital to preserve our individuality and replace the hope that has died within us.

Adults call it perspective or perhaps learning from experience. When we age, we gain opinions and outlooks on life which are going to dictate everything else in our life. This opinion changes how we look at the world, perhaps not as bright as before, but in a more realistic way.

No matter what the deal, there are some other bombastic benefits of getting older too. Here, take a look at them.

Perks of Getting Older

You get more females

And of course, the younger ones stay there too. Getting older means you have more choices in females and you can date or romance with just about anyone you want to. Believe me or not, but your 17-year-old self is going to be quite jealous of the privileges you get in women when you grow old.

Paid vacation

Once you work your ass off for a job for years, even your bosses will insist you to take a day off and get the hell out of that office. In fact, the bosses even agree to pay for your vacation just because they have seen you working tirelessly in a real job and that certainly did suck.


Once you grow older and get a job, even your parents and siblings start looking at you with respect. Your grandparents look at you with admiration and it makes you think of a significant accomplishment you have had in your life. You have become a grown man and you earn a good salary, so you get all the respect you demand in life.


Believe me or not, once you get old, you get that kind of self-control which as teenagers you find envious. Adults have power: the power of realization and rationalization. When you get older, you not only get to control every aspect of your life but since you take charge of all your decisions you have no regrets at all.

There’s a lot more to getting older than sore bones and aches. You need to realize the benefits soon enough so as to not waste away these significant years aways.

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The Advantages and Perks of Getting Older


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