Ana Teresa Barboza Creates Embroidered Realistic Paintings

Ana Teresa Barboza

Often, there are people blessed with creativity, who want to experience art beyond the realms of what has been done so before. Such artists are gifted as they put their hearts and minds into creating things that would otherwise have been unimagined by the many of us. One such artist is Ana Teresa Barboza who has been using everyday materials like cloth and yarn along with her knack for embroidery to create some amazing and astonishingly realistic artworks.

The Work of Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza

Peru-based artist, Ana Teresa Barboza, has gone one step further to create realistic paintings and has been using materials like yarn, embroidery, wool and threads to create picturesque landscapes and much more. An important part of her work revolves around the human structure as well. Ana uses needlework with embroidery to actually recompose, fragment and often decorate the human body in her artistic works. She uses decorative patterns that work as camouflage, photographs intervened with embroidery and much more.

Using embroidery and hybrid garments, Ana tries to highlight bonds that unite and tie people to those around them. The dress is a metaphor Ana uses to express relationship modalities, signifying how relationships affect people’s behavior in certain situations. The garments thus used in her human body works are the extension of mannerisms in which one person might relate to the other in the society.

Ana’s work is a mix between tapestry and sculpture. Apart from the human body that she is so famously known for, Ana creates other imagery and beautifully realistic landscapes using only embroidery, yarn and wool. Her landscapes mimic the flow of waves, the gently teased grass and each piece of work tumbles down from the embroidery hoop giving it a look of flowing into reality, extending beyond the frame. The way in which her paintings cascade and flow towards the onlookers give a very beautiful and realistic effect to her works and often leave the audience mesmerized.

Ana Teresa Barboza Embroidery

Ana Teresa Barboza’s Biography

Ana Teresa Barboza was born in Lima, Peru in 1980. She studied painting at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru under the Faculty of Art, and has been living and working from her native city. Ana’s work is one of its kind because she has been using clothing and embroidery as a very artistic medium and has been successfully creating different concepts for quite some time now. Her images have a marked dissonance between the technique and the image itself and thus, they create a whole new meaning.

Ana Teresa Barboza Embroidered Realistic Painting

Ana Teresa Barboza Embroidered Landscape

Ana Teresa Barboza Embroidery Human Body

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Ana Teresa Barboza Creates Embroidered Realistic Paintings


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