Brain Hacks for a Better Version of Yourself

Brain Hacks

Brain Hacks

We usually think of our personalities as set in stone; simply meaning that we consider ourselves impossible to change. If we’ve been shy or perhaps short tempered, we think we’ll more or less stay that way for the rest of our lives.

Well, this certainly doesn’t have to be true. If you set your mind to it, you can definitely change the aspects of your personality that you don’t really like. Even science has now given you brain hacks to change your personality for the better and become a more positive, amiable and cheerful person altogether.

It turns out that a human mind is more like clay than marbles. It can be changed, shifted and molded like one wants too, given that they know the brain hacks to achieve what would look like an impossible task to others.

Brain Hacks

1. Become Generous by Spending Time in a Garden

Brain Hacks Garden

Sounds weird? But it certainly isn’t. Spending time with nature is calming and has a restorative effect on our mental health. According to a research, spending time in beautiful places makes a human mind more agreeable, helpful and put subjects in a generous, more empathetic and trusty mood.

So if you have a garden, spend time gardening and use this brain hack to become more generous and empathic. The trick has worked for a lot of research subjects under study in the University of California and the University of Southern California.

2. Improvement with Right Words

Encouragement Words

You won’t believe it, but encouraging words and sentences do have a positive effect on your overall personality. If you prime your brain with effective, encouraging words, you have a certain chance of improving your personality on the whole.

Our mind clings to certain words and on usage of words or sentences similar to those, we are reminded of the memory attached to those certain words. Put in good generous words in your mind and prime it for improvement with those words. No need to build on your vocabulary, just associate good thoughts with words you know so that your mind is automatically directed towards those happy thoughts when you happen to use those words. This brain hack is certainly amazing.

3. Improve Willpower by Becoming a Lefty or a Righty

Hacking Willpower

This brain hack is very interesting. If you think you lack self-control, practice using your non-dominant hand for everyday tasks. This minor task puts in a lot of self-control and willpower in a person. This activity makes you frustrated on a regular basis and thus puts your willpower muscles into use. As a result, you gradually start becoming immune to feelings of frustration and learn to keep your calm where you would’ve blown it off earlier.

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Brain Hacks for a Better Version of Yourself


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