Brilliant Dog Hacks for Taking Care of Your Pooches

Dog Hacks

Dog Hacks

Owning a dog isn’t something which you can call a piece of cake. There comes a lot of responsibility when you keep a dog as pet. From potty training to teaching it tricks, there is so much that all dog owners have to do for their pets.

If you happen to have a dog/dogs and you want to make life better for your dog and yourself, check out these brilliant dog hacks. You can thank us later, once you have settled down in your life with your lovable pooch.

Brilliant Dog Hacks

  1. If your dog gives you a hard time brushing its teeth, you can squeeze out some enzymatic dog toothpaste onto a rope toy or a Nylabone and let your dog chew it and have his own way. These dog hacks will solve your problem and take care of your dog’s hygiene too!
  2. If you need to feed your dog some kind of a medicine and it doesn’t like it, you can always make your own pill pockets at home. You should keep in mind what your dog likes best while making the pill pocket so that your pooch enjoys it.
  3. Learn to make chicken jerky for your furry friend yourself. You shouldn’t really feed him from off-the-shelf chicken jerky. Homemade is healthier and tastier. Check out the internet to get recipes of your very own.
  4. If you have something important to study and look at, tie a rope toy along your foot and move it so your dog can play while you study or read whatever it is you have to. These dog hacks certainly keeps your pooch happy and you can catch up with your reading as well.
  5. If your dog pees on the carpet and you don’t have supermarket stuff to clean it, you can use some baking soda as dog hacks. Pour it over the spot, let it sit for a while and you can then just sweep or vacuum the spot.
  6. If you think your pooch eats way too fast, put a ball in its food bowl. They’ll have to move the ball around to eat and these dog hacks will slow them down.
  7. If your dog is dehydrated and cannot keep down food, get some low sodium chicken broth and add it into the drinking water for your pooch.
  8. If dog hair has gotten on your upholstery, take a rubber glove, dampen it and run it over the upholstery to collect the hair. The latex will attract the hair easily.
  9. If you want to bathe your dog, use a teapot to pour water over them in the bath tub. This will keep the water out from their eyes and ears.
  10. On hot days, fill up a small inflatable pool with water and ice and let your dog soak and enjoy in the tub to beat off the heat.
  11. If your dog has ticks, you can apply a small amount of liquid soap on a cotton ball and then swab the ticks with the ball for a few seconds. The tick will come out on its own and it will be stuck to the cotton ball when you take it off.

Try out these dog hacks and they’ll be a huge help back at home with the pooches.

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Brilliant Dog Hacks for Taking Care of Your Pooches


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