How to Capture Exciting and Dramatic Firework Pictures

Firework Pictures

Firework Pictures

There are only a few things that you can find exciting in comparison to a fireworks display. Perhaps, a photo of those fireworks would qualify as exciting or engaging, but nothing else even comes near to it.  But there is a teensy weensy problem when one is about to take a picture of the amazing fireworks they are looking at with a modern camera with automatic settings. The fireworks are fast, way too bright, dynamic and disappear as soon as they appear. However, despite all these attributes, fireworks are somewhat predictable and if one uses battle-tested settings done on manual level in their cameras, dramatic photos of the beautiful explosions in the sky can be certainly taken. Even if you have a smartphone, a tweak in the settings here and there will let you capture amazing firework pictures.

Explore the location

If you really want to take amazing firework pictures, you should get to the location ahead of time and scout it for the best angles. You need a clear shot of the sky and for that, you’ll need a wide-angle view of the horizon for your shot composition.

Explore the location entirely so that you can find secret locations to take your shots from if the crowds turn out to be unpredictably large. Try and gauge the direction of the wind as well while selecting your location. If you have the wind at your back, the location and the condition for taking awesome firework pictures is right there for you. Use a tighter zoom if the sky is filled with smoke. The best thing would be to take a few test shots before you actually begin shooting.

Taking firework pictures from a smartphone?

Here are a few tricks and tips if you want to take firework pictures from your smartphone.

  • Since you don’t have a zoom lens or high tech controls at your disposal, you might need a special tripod or a stand to keep your phone steady.
  • Don’t forget to turn off your phone’s flash.
  • Practice before you start shooting. You can use a sparkler in a dark room for your practice sessions.
  • Use a tripod if you want to use a slow-shutter app.
  • Be as close to the action as you possibly can as this will give you great shots.
  • You can find a good spot at your rooftop if you want to shoot fireworks with your smartphone. You can also try and sneak to a fireworks barge to get a couple of great shots. The key here is getting close to where the fireworks are and then forcing your smartphone to expose shots.
  • Fast shutter speeds also let you have amazing shots but if you have a tripod with your phone, you can search the app store for an app that lets you adjust the shutter speed and capture all the dramatic lights and effects. Try not to capture the fireworks only, but go for the light trails as well.

Here are some amazing firework pictures for you to take inspiration from.



Firework Photo

Firework Photos

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How to Capture Exciting and Dramatic Firework Pictures


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