College Celebrates 100 Years with Centennial Mosaic Artwork

Centennial Mosaic Artwork

Centennial Mosaic Artwork

Art never fails to mesmerize people. And now, after a research has proven that the human mind is programmed biologically to understand and appreciate art, there isn’t an excuse one could make up for not liking what he sees classified as art.

However, this isn’t about the receptors in human brain which get activated on looking at a piece of artwork, but instead it’s about the Centennial Mosaic artwork that a class at Penn College has successfully completed.

Centennial Mosaic Artwork Artists

The most amazing thing about this centennial mosaic artwork is the fact that it has been created after piecing together a total of 14000 or more fragments of ceramic tiles, marbles, mirrors and stones. This beautiful legacy in the center of the main campus of the Pennsylvania College of Technology took about a whole month to be created by a team of eight students and their one instructor. The work is now visible on the wall of the Physician Assistant Center right in the middle of the campus.

Making of Centennial Mosaic Artwork


The Centennial Mosaic Artwork

This Centennial Mosaic artwork is designed by David A. Stabley who happens to be the instructor of wood sculpture and ceramics at the campus. The piece measures 17 by 25 feet approximately and has a design which, according to Stabley, relates to social connectedness, pleasures of learning and realizing dreams through hands-on work.


The team of students working on the Centennial Mosaic artwork was enrolled for a three-credit course, The Art of the Mosaic. The work lasted from May 19th through June 19th, where the class met four days in a week to work on the centennial art piece.

The most interesting thing about the Centennial Mosaic is the fact that the artwork is made of marbles, tiles, stones and mirrors – all of which have been donated by the individuals on college staff and also employees at Corter’s Carpet and Wallpaper in Williamsport. Several pieces were donated by Stabley himself from his earlier personal art projects featuring mosaic. The class also collected small stones from the college’s landscaping facility. More or less, only a few of the much needed pieces in the Centennial had to be purchased.

Clean Up

The Centennial Mosaic artwork is one of the three huge-scale artworks installed at Penn College’s main campus. It is one of the works which honor the college’s 100-year milestone and celebrates it in great style. The efforts of the students and professor Stabley have been commendable nonetheless.

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College Celebrates 100 Years with Centennial Mosaic Artwork


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