Common Habits of Happy Couples You May Have Not Noticed

Happy Couples

Happy Couples

It takes efforts and hard work to make any relationship work for a long period of time. Although we are in an age of smartphones and stupid people and relationships are suffering the most, their importance cannot be ignored. When you are desperately down and low, you need someone to turn to. A loving and caring partner is the answer to all your anxieties and tensions that surround you throughout the day. But to be amongst the happy couples and stay with that one loving partner for a long time, you need to work hard and focus on a few things.

Stop and say hello

According to a research, the first four minutes of your evening in your home will determine the mood and tone for the rest of the time. So if you happen to be the first one to get home and are comfortably watching your favorite show when your partner gets home, you need to pause, get up, hug them tight and say hello. Couple therapist Bob Taibbi says that a hug, even for just a few seconds, is responsible for increasing oxytocin in the body – the chemical which helps you feel more connected to the person it is delivered too.


Arguing over little things is completely normal and quite beneficial as well. It’s the habit of healthy, happy couples. According to a research published in American Psychologist, being angry with your partner and voicing out behaviors you don’t appreciate helps strengthen your bond in the long term. According to couple therapists, if you can’t voice your opinion loudly, it’s better to write them in an email because reading will make a person absorb them more and then talk them out with you later that evening once you have calmed down.

Celebrate each other to be amongst the happy couples

As important as it is to support each other, you should also be up and about when it comes to celebrating each other’s little achievements and accomplishments. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found out that couples who react to each other’s happy moods are better equipped at coping with each other’s sadness as well. Maybe you could help him celebrate with a beer when his favorite team wins the match or just put up victorious pictures of him during a game or something just to show him how proud you are of him/her.

Have fun together

Having fun together is highly essential. Make out time for activities that both of you enjoy together. If you can have fun with your partner, you are definitely going to hang around much longer and find solace, fun and excitement in each other’s company.

Ask what they had for lunch

Although it might not sound too interesting, sharing such insignificant details helps build the bond and goes a long way. It establishes intimacy. They might just say, “Work was fine,” but you need to talk and indulge in water cooler banter, just to be up-to-date with each other’s lives and stay as happy couples.

Share inside jokes

Happy couples always have a dozen of their inside jokes that help them feel connected even when surrounded by so many other people. So just quietly let out your personal one-liner coyly while you are together somewhere in public and see how it sparks your intimacy at home.

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Common Habits of Happy Couples You May Have Not Noticed


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