Daredevils climb the Shanghai Tower without safety gear

shanghai tower morning clouds

Russian Adrenalin junkies Vadim Makhorov, 24, and Vitaliy Raskalov, 20, captured a stunning view from the top of the Shanghai Tower in China after a 2-hour climb. The duo filmed themselves breaking into and climbing atop the 632m high Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China and second-tallest in the world. Apparently, they were unsatisfied with the view so they went beyond the tower onto the crane that was on top of the partially constructed tower. When the height of the crane jib is factored in, the two men scaled a total height of about 650m.

Surprisingly, both Vitaliy and Vadim did not use any kind of safety equipment to help them in their climb. They also had to wait for the right time to scale the building in order to avoid the authorities. They found the perfect opportunity when the whole country was busy celebrating Chinese New Year and the construction workers had left the building.

The pictures captured by the two daredevils during their ascent are simply breathtaking as they look down at the beauty of the city through the clouds. These pictures are what set the observer’s nerves on edge as the two men continue their ascent without any protective gear.

Pictures from atop the Shanghai Tower

Captured from the 100th floor

shanghai tower 100th floor


The morning clouds

 shanghai tower morning clouds

The construction view. The buildings on the right side are two of the tallest buildings in China after Shanghai Tower – the Jin Mao Tower (421m) and Shanghai World Financial Center (492m)

 shanghai tower construction view

The Shanghai World Financial Center, a 492m tall building which is the second tallest building in China

 shanghai tower shanghai world financial tower

Clouds disappeared by 3PM and the climbers headed to the top

 shanghai tower clouds disappeared

A picture of Vadim Makhorov by Vitaliy Raskalov

 shanghai tower vadim

Pictures from the very top. Fortunately for the two climbers, the temperature was only around 20°C and the weather was not very windy

 shanghai tower top

shanghai tower crane

shanghai tower down

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Daredevils climb the Shanghai Tower without safety gear


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