Fourteen Dogs That Have Forgotten How To Dog

how to dog car window

Dogs are one of the most popular pets on the planet. In fact, there are about 80 million dogs kept as pets in the United States alone. They are also one of the cutest creatures to walk the face of earth. They do not only look cute, but also do a number of cute actions. Dogs are also known to do some pretty weird things along with their cute actions. Sometimes, the things they do are so strange that most people often joke that the dogs forgot how to dog.

Here are some pictures of dogs that forgot how to dog. I think it is time we send these dogs to the repair shop or something because they have definitely forgotten how to function correctly.

Dogs That Forgot How To Dog

 how to dog nap

Dog, no. That is not how dogs take a nap.

 how to dog dinner

And that is not how you eat dinner.

how to dog welcome

Dog, that is not the right way to welcome your human after a long day at work.

 how to dog rides

That is not how you are supposed to go for rides. You are supposed to face the front!

 how to dog car window

And you are supposed to be sticking your head out the window.

 how to dog dancing

I said lie down, not start break dancing!

 how to dog playing

That is not how you should be playing. Let’s play fetch!

 how to dog fetch

Okay, maybe fetch is just a little too hard for you. Let’s just go on a walk.

 dog walk

When I said walk, I did not mean lying down on the road.

 dog weird position

Wait, how did you even get in this weird position?!

 dog strange position

I can’t understand how you keep getting into such strange positions.

 dog come inside

That is not how you ask to come inside.

 come inside

Neither do you ask like this.

 dog sit

When I said sit, that is not what I meant.

Seriously though, who is responsible for breaking all of these dogs?

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Fourteen Dogs That Have Forgotten How To Dog


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