The Most Eclectic And Cool Places To Eat In Lahore

The Most Eclectic And Cool Places To Eat In Lahore

Gone are the dismal days when there were just a few Chinese restaurants, a handful of pizza parlours and a few barbeque joints around for us to go and eat. Slowly and steadily came in franchises like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Nandoo’s and a host of others which refined our palette with new and a variety of different cuisines. The food industry has witnessed a metamorphosis with a flurry of new eateries opening. They’re  offering different cuisines from Turkish, Thai, Italian, Labeneese, etc with the passage of time.


We are now accustomed to a variety of new flavors and cuisines since there are an array of Café’s, Deli’s and Restaurants which offer exciting new dishes, cuisines and an ambiance which people were not acquainted with before. Let us list the most eclectic and hip places in Lahore which challenge the norms of conventionality and stand apart with their distinctly recognizable image.

#1. Hot Spot

Whether you prefer ice cream, the most delicious desserts or snacks with an eclectic twist then Hot Spot is the ultimate place for you to go. Their quirky and contemporary ambiance sets them apart with the flamboyantly hilarious and catchy posters and pictures they have put up. Their special ice creams and confectionary items are very popular and are a must have.

#2. Cuckoos

The restaurant offers a glimpse of the cultural heritage and how the people of old Lahore used to live. The primary focus on Art, Culture and History adds to the allure of the place. The spectacular view along with authentic desi food makes it a perfect spot for people to go and eat at night.

#3. Gun Smoke

We love originality and Gun smoke epitomizes the concept of being cool and contemporary. Their distinct image and their deliciously gourmet menu adds to their appeal. Moreover, their considerably hefty meal portions are an added advantage. You won’t regret eating there as their Beef Steak is their signature dish to die for.

#4. Howdy’s

If you want to have one of the best char grilled burgers along with steaks, cheese steak sandwiches and an assortment of fries. This is the ultimate place for you to go. Their distinct rustic cowboy image sets it apart with their hefty servings makes it a “go to place”. The pictures of Imran Khan dining at Howdy’s with his family took social media by storm which again shows its popularity and proves that you must try it.

#5. Rina’s Kirchentte

If you want to have an utterly delightful gourmet meal, this is one of the best places with a diversely decadent menu. Not only do they have the most luxuriously delicious variety of confectionery items and desserts but their savory menu is a must try. You should definitely visit their outlet in DHA. The place is subtle and chic with the best in house service you can think of.

#6. Sarak Pay Karak

For all tea lovers this charmingly desi tea corner which emulates road sides Chai Dhabas deserves your attention. Not only will you love their tea but their menu offers delights which you’ll very much enjoy. It takes a different twist on regular tea and coffee shops and differentiates itself by being rustic. It is authentically desi in setting, wall graffiti banter, and decor etc.

#7. Pomelo Avenue

So you have to try this suave new place in town. Not only do they have a distinctly plush set up, they have a mini bar too. So if you’re tired of going to the same old restaurants all the time, this is a very good option. Their delicious gourmet menu has everything on in to satisfy your savory cravings.

#8. Namak Mandi

This is a very underrated restaurant which really deserves a nod. If you want a taste of real indigenous Afghani cuisine then you’re up for a delicious mouth watering treat. Their decor, setting and ambiance mimics a rustic Afghani diner. Their mammoth Shehan-shahi Naans, Mutton Karahis and Sajji with Kabuli Pullao are their specialty.

For most a night out to eat is the perfect recreational activity but nowadays a lot of people prefer to stay at home and order food. They try to rid themselves of the hassle of going out so there are a handful of companies’ which do the same like Cheetay. As far as food is concerned people find out ways to eat, whether it’s ordering out, dining in or utilizing food delivery companies.

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The Most Eclectic And Cool Places To Eat In Lahore


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