Erik Jones Depicts Provocative Women in a Beautiful Way

Art by Erik Jones

Art by Erik Jones

Erik Jones’s artworks are very colorful creations, vibrant collections which depict reality in a very interesting way. Provocative women, depicted in a very beautiful and fashionable way, are a recurring theme in Jones’s works.

Erik Jones is an America-based painter situated in Brooklyn, New York. St. Petersburg, Florida happens to be Jones’s birthplace. Erik Jones received his bachelor’s degree in art from the Ringling College of Art and Design and he happens to be one of the few appreciated painters in America.

Erik Jones started working in cover illustration after finishing his education. He traveled around US for a period of time, showcasing his artworks at events and art conventions. After touring around the US, he eventually established himself in Brooklyn, NYC, from where he now works and permanently resides.

Presently, Jones is focusing on painting primarily for art galleries, leaving his options open for all other kinds of works and collaborations that might crop up on the way. He uses multiple mediums for his work such as colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor, water-soluble wax pastel and also water soluble oils on paper.

Erik Jones has exhibited his work throughout the US extensively since 2008. His works are mainly featured in Florida, New York and California. His work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions. Jones was also chosen in 2013 to be featured on the cover of a prestigious contemporary art magazine called Hi-Fructose.

The Artworks of Erik Jones

Jones mostly features a woman’s power of seduction and provocation in most of his works. His works are a collection of fashionable and stylish women depicted in water colors, water soluble oils and wax colors on paper or otherwise. His work has been highly accredited throughout the US and has international potential if he chooses to showcase his work internationally.

The modern woman with a lot of power and fashion within is what Jones’s works often represent. The abstracts Jones uses in his works are commendable because they depict realism with open thoughts and colorful exhibits.

Jones is an amazing and very modern painter emerging amidst the American society. His depiction of the modern woman has been acclaimed and appreciated by both female and male admirers around the world along with US through the social media platforms.

Here are some of Jones’s very famous depiction of the power of provocation and seduction in the modern woman:

Erik Jones Artwork

Erik Jones

Erik Jones Art

Art by Jones

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Erik Jones Depicts Provocative Women in a Beautiful Way


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