Exciting Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Getting older has its own perks, but so does being young. When you are in your late twenties, a person has that certain sense of being free, young and reckless in a very concentrated mode. Although responsibilities tend to take their toll way before you reach your thirties, the years between 21 to 30 are very vital and perhaps the most memorable ones. Here you are a complete adult but not too old and you can perhaps enjoy just about anything you want without worrying about the consequences.

Here’s a list of things to do before you turn 30. It might be inspired by the movie “ Things to do before you turn 30 ”, but that’s where the similarities end. The list is our own, compiled by our own personal experiences. Maybe you could follow them up and do whatever you might have been missing out on. So here goes.

Things to Do Before You Turn 30

1. Go on a road trip

Yes, one of those unannounced ones where you just pack your bags and leave. Just make sure you stay away from abandoned old buildings and don’t take any sort of advice from crusty old men you might meet up at the gas station somewhere. Avoid being killed on your road trip, okay?

2. Under the starry sky

Yes, this is one of those things to do before you turn 30. You need to get an experience of sleeping under the starry sky at night before you hit 30. Trust me, this is going to be an experience worth having. It’s beautiful unless and until you happen to be doing it out of necessity because you maxed out all your credit cards.

3. Watch all those stupid movies everyone is raving about

You certainly know the movies I am referring to. Yes, they won’t be so bad so this is amongst the things to do before you turn 30. In fact, you’ll even find some amongst IMDB’s top 50.

4. Conquer your fear

I don’t refer to all your fears here, but you need to get over that one thing that has kept you back your entire life. However, this doesn’t mean you should go jump off buildings if you don’t like heights, but do something worthwhile.

5. Disconnect

Too much technology is annoying. Disconnect for a week at least. In fact, make this your priority amongst things to do before you hit 30 and free yourself from the strains of this new and modern technology, at least for a week straight.

6. Splurge

Just this once, okay? Don’t make it a habit. Just once, forget about worries and budgets and just buy that damned thing you so much wanted. Once is enough, you will definitely feel the rush and excitement for your act and trust me, no regrets at all. Just make your heart happy.

7. Have an affair

Have an affair and make out. Maybe you will get married later in your life, but one affair is a must in a lifetime. It gives you that much needed insight on relationships.

8. Leave a note for a stranger

A happy note, I mean. Leave it somewhere for someone who needs encouragement. Brightening up someone’s day will brighten up yours too.

9. Donate blood

At least once, before you hit 30.

10. Mud fight

Well, why not? Grab a friend or just about anybody and get downright dirty and messy rolling in mud.

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Exciting Things to Do Before You Turn 30


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