Exploding Portraits of Celebrities by Lola Dupre

exploding portraits tura satana

Have you ever wondered what you could do with just some pictures, a pair of scissors and glue? Lola Dupre, an artist working in Glasgow but is going to move to the south of France soon, used these basic elements to pay homage to the paintings of famous artists like Vermeer and Man Ray. Lola, who calls herself an illustrator and collage artist, created a lot of buzz in the artistic world with her recent works that can be described as exploding portraits. One cannot help but admire her thorough working process and remarkable techniques included in the making of the stunning optical illusions she has created. What is especially remarkable about her work is that regardless of the “explosive” treatment given to the original portraits, the final result is as much complex and dynamic as the original.

The exploded portraits are created from iconic photographs of celebrities found in the popular culture and are manipulated in the form of fractured shards. Dupre reduces the photographs into tiny shards and rearranges the shards to portray the same picture but with an “exploding” effect. This technique is used to draw the viewer’s attention to the main object of the photo.

Dupre has taken pictures of iconic celebrities that have been in the dreams of many generations and refreshed and empowered them in our memories again. She has created very powerful pictures that breathe a new life into the iconic figures. Through her work, she proves that reinterpretation should not mean uninspired repetition and that with a little bit of humor, we can see the reality in a completely different perspective.

Some of Lola Dupre’s Exploding Portraits

exploding portraits chuck close

Exploded Chuck Close

 exploding portraits marilyn monroe

Exploded Marilyn Monroe

 exploding portraits audrey hpeburn

Exploded Audrey Hepburn

 exploding portraits tura satana

Exploded Tura Satana

 exploding portraits man ray

Exploded Man Ray

 exploding portraits vermeer

Exploded Vermeer

 exploding portraits picasso

Exploded Picasso

 making of

Making of the Exploded Portraits


Fragments of a picture

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Exploding Portraits of Celebrities by Lola Dupre


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