Facts about Corgis You Probably Never Knew



Corgis happen to be one of the most popular, loved and adored breed of dogs all over the world. Lots and lots of fur and certainly a heart of gold, pure devotion and adorable mannerisms, there isn’t anything that isn’t lovable about the corgis. But, do you know there are a few things that even you didn’t know about your pet dog belonging to this amazing breed? Here are the facts that one ought to learn to understand and know their Corgis friends better:

Facts about Corgis


1. Corgis are the 11th smartest breed of dogs. The fact is confirmed by psychology professor Stanley Coren. Corgis can learn commands in just 5-10 repetitions and almost 85% of the time, they are known to obey the first command only.

2. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi comes at just a foot tall and is known as the smallest of the herding breeds of dogs in the world.

3. Corgis are absolutely loved in Britain. They have been part of the Royal Family for more than 70 years now. Even Queen Elizabeth herself had 30 Corgis since she was a child. This breed of dogs has thus become synonymous with the Royal Family and is often referred to as the Royal breed as well.

Adorable Corgi

4. The Pembroke and the Cardigan are two types of Corgis breeds that weren’t separately identified and recognized until the late 1930s.

5. Jerry Brown was elected governor in the year 2010 and his adorable Pembroke, Sutter Brown, was named as California’s First Dog.

6. Corgis might look stocky, but they are one of the fastest runners and athletic breeds of dogs. They were actually herders. Teach them to exercise and they will certainly learn it in no time at all. Amazing, isn’t it?

Adorable Corgis

7. Corgis are related to Siberian Huskies. They definitely look different in stature, but they both belong to the Spitz family of the dogs which is characterized by their pointed ears, thick furs and muzzle.

8. They definitely make adorable pets, but need regular exercises or else they will get extremely stocky and fat in no time at all.

9. Early Welsh settlements actually awarded and prized corgis for their extra loving companionship, loyalty and herding abilities. Theft of these lovable dogs was punishable by law too. This explains why the Welsh especially developed a name for this breed too. In Welsh, “cor” means dwarf and “gi” means dog and because of their small size and adorable features, the breed was given the name Corgi by the Welsh.

Cute Corgi

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Facts about Corgis You Probably Never Knew


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