These Funny Cat Pictures Prove That No Space Is Too Tight For Them

if it fits i sits jar

Have you ever left an empty box lying around only to find your cat curled up inside? Did you buy your pet an expensive bed just for her to sleep in a bowl left on the kitchen counter? Maybe you wanted to put flowers in a vase just to see your cat occupying it? You are not alone as you will see in these funny cat pictures.

Cats really love snuggling into small spaces that are too tight for them. In fact, they love doing this so much that the meme “If It Fits, I Sits” was created to describe their love. Cats never fail to surprise people with their love of fitting into tight places. Even if the space looks too tight for them, their determination helps them succeed.

We may never be absolutely sure why cats love to fit themselves in tight spaces so much, but it could possibly have something to do with safety and predation. Cats may enjoy cramming themselves into tight spaces because it helps them feel secure since they are able to easily view their surroundings without being reached by others. On the other hand, cats are stalkers that depend on their cover and stealth to hunt their prey. Although mot domesticated cats do not have anything to hunt, they still possess their instinct to stay hidden. They are small enough that they still have to depend on their prey instincts.

Look at our compilation of funny cat pictures below to see what cats can do to get their snuggly fix.

Funny Cat Pictures in Tight Spaces

funny cat pictures

funny cat pictures jar

funny cat pictures eggs

funny cat pictures shoe

funny cat pictures roof

funny cat pictures bottle

funny cat pictures two box

funny cat pictures kettle

funny cat pictures basket

funny cat pictures box

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These Funny Cat Pictures Prove That No Space Is Too Tight For Them


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