Some New Funny and Clever Advertisements

gain advertisement

The world has now become global, so it is extremely easy to spread your message across. Almost all companies want to take advantage of this fact, so they are looking to create clever advertisements so that they can attract as many customers as they can. People usually become more interested in a certain company after they see an appealing advertisement. Therefore, most companies aim to make an advertisement that will grab the viewer’s attention.

Large and small companies alike want to create funny advertisements since they usually catch the viewer’s attention. These funny advertisements are also placed at clever locations or shown cleverly, which further piques the attention of the viewers. Here are a couple of very clever and funny advertisements that you will surely enjoy.

Clever advertisements

This advertisement about Mylanta hilariously shows a man blowing out the candles and emphasizes how Mylanta can save you from such embarrassments.

 Clever Advertisements

This advertisement about Smint is cleverly placed since it happens very often that you sit beside someone with bad breath.

drink advertisement

In this advertisement, the drink is shown to be so delicious that the man is willing to go to such lengths to drink it. In fact, the glass feels like it will fall on the man but he doesn’t seem to care.

 gain advertisement

This funny advertisement shows how much these individuals like the scent of the shirts that they are willing to climb on a billboard to obtain the shirts. It is a very funny and clever advert.

 reddi-wip advertisment

This ad hilariously shows how delicious the whipped cream really is and makes anyone looking at it crave for the whipped cream. It really looks delicious.

 samsung galaxy mega advertisement

This funny and clever advert shows how huge the Samsung Galaxy Mega is with the big phone and the big picture of the cat. It looks realistic too and could scare people if they do not see the whole picture.

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Some New Funny and Clever Advertisements


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