Hammie the Bulldog Taking Care of 6 Foster Kittens


This is a story of Hammie the Bulldog taking care of 6 foster kittens. Cats and dogs basically don’t get along. They may be authentically apprehensive about their four-legged partners or they may very well not like one another for various reasons. In these different times, dogs and cats figure out how to set aside their disparities and similarities individually — some remain indifferent to each other, while others create profound and dependable bonds. It is the latter relationship that never stops to make us feel awe-inspiring. It illustrates that regardless of all differences, kindness and adoration can unite two completely opposite people.

Hammie was acquainted with the pack after his gatekeeper, Reddit client Rorschach Bulldogs, chose to adopt a pregnant stray cat. On Halloween, the stray cat gave birth to 6 kittens in her house. As Rorschach Bulldogs states, the kittens spent a lot of time with Hammie so it is even possible that his Bulldogness rubbed off on them. He is like a mother to them.

Bulldog Taking Care of 6 Foster Kittens

Hammie helped encourage these lovable little cats, playing and snuggling with them whenever he could, until they were prepared to explore their life themselves and were received into loving homes. While Hammie and his owner have completed taking care of these 6 foster kittens, they might now discover other little beloved newborns possessing their house later on as they both fell head over heels with the thought of raising kittens. Rorschach Bulldogs encourages others to do the same if they have enough room in their house!

Hammie is an extremely patient and gentle bulldog hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. He loved raising these six kittens. Four months back, Hammie’s owner, Michelle Parden, took in Mommy, a pregnant stray cat. Mommy conceived six adorable little kittens on Halloween called Elvira, Zombie, Batman, Frankenstein, Goblin and Pumpkin. A week prior, Michelle Parden uploaded a couple of cute pictures of Hammie and his foster kids to Reddit, where they gained a lot of attention due to their adorableness.

Parden has recently found families that are willing to adopt Mommy and her kittens. Despite the fact that Hammie misses his companions, Parden stays in touch with their new owners. I hope you will enjoy these pictures of Hammie the Bulldog taking care of 6 foster kittens.

Hammie The Bulldog Taking Care Of 6 Foster Kittens

compassionate bulldog taking care of 6 foster kittens




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Hammie the Bulldog Taking Care of 6 Foster Kittens


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