Some of the Most Hilarious Google Searches

hilarious google searches lord of the rings

The powerful search engine, Google, answers billions of questions each day. Everyone uses Google at least hundred times a day. It is really one of the most important inventions ever invented. You can pretty much find about anything you want to know. In fact, the search giant says that 15% of its searches every day are unique and have never been seen before. Due to the huge amounts of questions it receives every day, there will undoubtedly be some crazy and hilarious Google searches too.

In 2010, Google launched its autocomplete feature, which gives real-time suggestions as you type your query. The amounts of searches previously made with the words you type have an impact on the suggestions provided. These suggestions can turn up into some really hilarious Google searches. Take a look for yourself.

Hilarious Google Searches

For example, take the classic “what would happen if…” question. I wonder how many people actually think about what would happen if the sun exploded.

hilarious google searches what would happen if

Typing “Taylor Lautner lama” in Google Image search produces pretty amusing results. Weirdly enough, Mark Zuckerberg makes a random appearance.

 hilarious google searches taylor lautner

We already know that Google knows almost everything, but apparently it also knows the answer to the life, universe and everything. The result is a reference to the novel “A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

 hilarious google searches answer to life

Fans of the Lord of the Rings franchise will appreciate this one. When getting walking directions to “Mordor” from “the Shire”, you will get a word of caution.

 hilarious google searches lord of the rings

A meme about a T-Rex stealing a chair while eating was born from the “I hate it when I’m…” query.

 hilarious google searches t-rex

We don’t know if it is weirder that numerous people hate it when they lose their white friends in the snow or when they have to pretend to be their mom’s boyfriend.

hilarious google searches hate

This one emphasizes how important grammar is. Using “an individual” or “u” can drastically change what you are searching for.

 hilarious google searches grammar

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Some of the Most Hilarious Google Searches


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