Your IQ or EQ – What Is More Important to You?



Comparing the intelligence of different people will lead to different results that will conform to the fact that everyone is intelligent in a different way. No one of us can claim to be more intelligent, because intelligence varies from person to person, occupation to occupation, job to job. Carpenters will not be able to compete with an electrician, doctors cannot have the intelligence of engineers, and scientists will not have a better idea of agriculture than an agriculturist and so on. The point is that every individual is intelligent in his own pace.


Besides IQ, there exists another equally important intelligence that comes in to play in everyday life, albeit with a difference because intelligence varies. It is Emotional Quotient (EQ). So, the question now becomes, what is more important – IQ or EQ?

IQ or EQ?

IQ vs EQ

There is no concept of a fixed Intelligence Quotient (IQ), but yes, there do exist a measuring scale that measures the levels of IQ in a person. A person with high IQ levels is not mandated to have a high degree or run a business empire or own a mill. It simply means that he/she is intelligent! Hope you get the point.

IQ or EQ

On the other hand, research has proven that people having higher EQ are more likely to be the positive thinkers. They are more mentally healthy and are prone to perform well on a daily basis. This is certainly something to consider when thinking about IQ or EQ. Well, this is a really easy point to grasp when wondering about IQ or EQ because whenever a person is emotionally fit and have the emotional skills, then he is likely to be fit. Such professionals or even nonprofessionals turn into great leaders with a massive influence when you look at his IQ or EQ.

How EQ Helps in Dealing with Life?

Following are the sectors in life that will help you grow stronger and more dedicated.


This is the ability to appreciate and praise the opinion of others and understand their feelings. It must be important to us how others feel about a certain thing or situation.


Keeping happiness and spreading joy everywhere is the key role of EQ. Without this quality, a person cannot be emotionally intelligent. We must know what joy is and how to practice and spread it. Behaviors might be different as intelligence varies, but the purpose should remain same.

Social Etiquettes

We must know how to mingle in social gatherings. It enhances the influence over the society and makes us more likable in the society. This is exactly what a leader needs!

Move On

People having high EQ must only know to look forward and move on instead of craving for the past. What is gone is gone!


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

If you think you need a change, you are probably on your way to get intelligence, both IQ or EQ!

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Your IQ or EQ – What Is More Important to You?


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