Lies Mothers Tell Their Daughters Every Time

Lies Mothers Tell Their Daughters

Lies Mothers Tell Their Daughters

We mere mortals can’t really survive without lying. Yes, I know I am right and I won’t be wrong on this account ever. There is absolutely no one alive today who has not lied about anything at least once in their lifetime.

Well, what do I have to do with people? My life, my rules and my lies; that’s what you believe, isn’t it? But there is something very common amongst us all. Mostly, the lies.

Here’s a list of lies mothers tell their daughters every time. No matter who you are or where you are from, you have told these lies at least once.

Lies Mothers Tell Their Daughters

  1. The conservative look is all the rage again. You’ll look fashionable if you wear a turtleneck now.
  2. Fifty shades of Grey is a very boring book. Perhaps you should avoid it if you don’t want to get bored.
  3. I’m making you do all the work because it’s for your own good. It has nothing to do with me not in the mood to work today.
  4. Your brother isn’t going to mind if you hang out with his friends.
  5. Your grandparents and I were always on great terms. They’re getting old, so don’t ask them about it. They have probably forgotten about it and will give you a different answer.
  6. I don’t have any idea where this rebellious attitude of yours came from. Perhaps you need to change your friends at school.
  7. I never wanted a tattoo when I was your age.
  8. I’m only friends with you on Facebook so that I can keep in touch in case I lost my phone or perhaps my contacts.
  9. I don’t really know where your miniskirt is. Maybe you forget it at the laundry.
  10. Alcohol doesn’t make you feel better if your heart is broken.
  11. I never dated anybody else than your father.
  12. You were a planned baby.
  13. I did not smoke when I was your age.
  14. I didn’t drink when I was your age.
  15. Your dad can beat the shit out of boys who are mean to you. He’s the macho man. You just don’t see his muscles under his sweatshirt.
  16. When a boy buys you a drink, it’s because you look dehydrated. Nothing special about it. Just thank him and move on. Don’t make a fool of yourself gushing over him.
  17. Dorky boys are special. Football stars are just so mean.
  18. That picture of mine is Photoshopped. I don’t know how to do keg stands.
  19. Don’t have sex because it’ll make you pregnant and you’ll die. I don’t want to lose you, promise me!

These are lies mothers tell their daughters all the time. Although the intention is to protect or sometimes be funny, lies are lies and we do tell them. Maybe you would want to add something to this list of lies mothers tell their daughters, if we missed out something.

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Lies Mothers Tell Their Daughters Every Time


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