Men vs Women – How They Differ from Each Other

Men vs Women

Men vs Women

Men and women… Completely opposite, yet unable to survive without each other. They do have a lot of differences from their manner of befriending people to living their lives and a lot more. Yet, they complain about similar things, although at times the topics are entirely irrelevant.

Well the focus here is that men are really very fast as compared to women. They get ready faster; their packing, shaving habits even the ways of using washrooms are different. Also, the lies men tell are more innocent as compared to women because most of them get caught 90% of the time.

Let’s look at the examples.

Men vs Women in the Morning

Men vs Women in Morning

Men would usually take a long time to wake up. They are lazy when it comes to getting up from the bed, but once they are up, they’ll take less time to get ready as compared to women. Well, men can’t really blame women for taking a lot of time getting ready because if women won’t take long, who will? After all, making an effort to look good takes times and women do care about that. And men, well, they just take half the time women take to dress up in sleeping and once they are up, its’ usually 10 minutes and they are all ready and set to go out.

Men vs Women While Packing


When it comes to packing, men are way too fast. Women take a lot of time in first thinking what they need to pack and then finally organizing their luggage. Well, who can blame women for not being fast in this area? After all, organization is what matters most, but who’ll explain that to men? They find what they need – all clothes seriously look the same to them – throw in clothes they think would do and then snap the bags shut. They’ll make a mess while unpacking too, but then it’s being fast that counts for men rather than being fussy like women.

Men vs Women in Relationships

Men are faster when it comes to expressing themselves. If they are into a relationship, they will certainly state so, whereas women tend to complicate things and take a lot of time to think, ponder and then finally agree to what their hearts and minds have known since ages. Women stall without any particular logic known to mankind and thus it can be safely concluded that men are all the way faster than women in areas of relationships as well.

Men vs Women in Choices

Definitely what men and women like is going to be way different from one another, but then again, men take little time in deciding what they like and therefore are fast at finalizing things. Women pick out one thing, debate on its feasibility, compatibility and god knows what to actually decide if they would like it or not. That’s what makes them slow in this regard too. But once again, who can blame them for being extra careful even though it takes them, what seems to us mortals, long and stretchy hours?

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Men vs Women – How They Differ from Each Other


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