Migraine Relief Is Now Possible With The Omega Procedure

Relief from Migraine

Relief from Migraine

A headache splitting the head in half that seems like a nuclear war going on inside, nausea, fatigue, weariness, and irritation from the whole world; these are just clichés which describe how an individual with migraine feels once he gets down with one of those headaches that never seem to stop unless they will tear the world apart. And worst of all, no medication seems to provide good migraine relief, no matter how effective it might be for a normal headache.


But science has certainly found a way to cure these splitting half-head-aches called migraine. One North Texan has at long last found permanent alleviation from her migraine headaches because of a new scientific methodology called the Omega. It’s an innovative surgical procedure that will provide permanent easing for individuals who experience the ill effects of constant, crippling migraine headache torments.

Migraine Relief

How Does Omega Provide Migraine Relief?

Specialists embed a little re-chargeable battery under the skin in the upper buttock or lower back. It is joined to small wires called leads that sent electrical pulses to the mind. The electrical pulses deceive the mind into feeling less agony, or in a few cases, disposing of it completely.

Omega Procedure

Omega Procedure for Migraine Relief

“It’s a light shivering, an exceptionally relieving feeling. It was astonishing,” said Olicia Storms who opted to try the new innovative surgical procedure just to have anything for her migraine relief.

What’s in Stock?

Olicia Storms is now looking forward to getting a permanent implant of the same device that she tried upon temporarily to get rid of the migraine headaches she experienced every now and then. The physicians at the Migraine Treatment Centers of America said that the procedure has worked for about 8 people out of every 10 who came to them complaining about the splitting migraine headaches.

Dr. Scott Farley of the Migraine Treatment Centers of America said that when he tried the procedure on a 72 year old man who had been a victim of migraine headaches for more than 20 years in a row, came back to me hugging and crying and thanking me for the miraculous migraine relief the surgical procedure had provided him.

This new procedure is bound to work for all those who experience migraine bouts every now and then. The procedure is said to be free from side-effects and is safe for all ages. However, it has not yet been tried upon children with migraines.

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Migraine Relief Is Now Possible With The Omega Procedure


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