Mini Action Heroes Serves in Real Life by VSE OK

action figure spiderman

VSE OK, an artist on Tumblr, has captures some hilarious toys pictures of our most favorite mini action heroes who serving in humorous real life situations. If you also have action figures, you can take inspiration from his pictures and create similar situations. This amazing artist takes action heroes, including Superman, The Hulk, Spiderman and The Joker, placing in different situations. For instance, the Joker is here to cause mayhem, while the superheroes are busy transporting toilet paper or being squashed with a flyswatter.

These clever and awkward pictures of Mini Action Heroes shows, how we can create interesting and fascinating pictures by using our creativity, a few props and tools that we already have.

Mini Action Heroes in Pictures:

action figure hulk

Here enters the Hulk!

action figure hulk knife

Looks like the Hulk is his usual angry self. It is best to stay away from him.


action hero toy

action hero in real life

action hero mini toy

 action figure hulk eating

He should have run when he saw Hulk. It is not a good idea to stay close to him when he is angry.

 action figure superman

Time for Superman to show his strength!


 action figure superman eagle

It seems Superman will be busy for a while dealing with this eagle.

 action figure superman sunblock

Superman will be busy with other stuff too. He’s got to protect people from the sun after all.

 action figure superman toilet paper

Run out of toilet paper while in the bathroom? Don’t worry! Superman got you covered.

 action figure spiderman

While Superman is busy attending to your toilet paper, Spiderman will keep a watch.

 aciton figure spiderman squashed

Uh-oh! Spiderman is not welcome here!

 action figure joker

While the superheroes are busy with their stuff, the Joker is busy with planning his pranks.

 joker standing

Looks like Joker has found his first victim.

 joker tying shoes

Not good.

 joker man fall

And he gets away with it too. Where are the other superheroes?

 terminator standing


Oh, there’s the Terminator!

 terminator drinking

And he is busy drinking. Superheroes have a life too, I guess.

 action figure tony montana

And here is Tony Montana.

 action figure tony montana cutting

Trying to sniff coke again.

action figure tony montana cut

action figure tony montana inside

 action figure tony montana what

 It looks like he did not like it.

Mini Action Heroes

It is good to see the Men In Black are doing their job.

We have some more untold stories about these Mini Action heroes yet to update soon. Keep visiting us and subscribe us via Email for regular updates.

Images Source: VSE OK

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Mini Action Heroes Serves in Real Life by VSE OK


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