The Most Hilarious Tumblr Posts of All Time

most hilarious tumblr posts eat right

Tumblr is pretty much like your personal diary which can be viewed by anyone. It is filled with different types of people – some rant about their lives, some share their witty insights with the community in meaningful and profound ways, and some share their humorous stories with others. No doubt, Tumblr is filled with the funniest posts of all time that will leave you laughing silly. We have compiled here some of the most hilarious Tumblr posts, which are just a quick look into the profound world of Tumblr.

The Most Hilarious Tumblr Posts

The glory of American culture

most hilarious tumblr posts american culture

An ingenious prank idea

 most hilarious ingenious prank tumblr posts

A+ parenting idea

 most hilarious parenting idea tumblr posts

The coolest bruise ever seen

 most hilarious coolest bruise tumblr

Having fun working at the Apple Store

 most hilarious working at apple store tumblr posts

A great backup plan to have the next time you go out with a girl

 most hilarious backup plan

Late night Tumblr people speculating about mirrors

 most hilarious mirror tumblr posts

Racist black dots

 most hilarious racist black dots tumblr post

Jack Black as a bonus

 most hilarious jack black tumblr posts

The best way to sell drugs

 most hilarious selling drugs tumblr post

The end of the cheating era

 most hilariouss cheating tumblr post

Great photoshopping skills!

 most hilarious tumblr posts photoshop

Some people just want to watch the world burn

 most hilarious tumblr posts watch the world burn

I am sure if this person directed the Twilight movies, everyone would watch them

 most hilarious tumblr posts twilight

English as understood by an Italian exchange student

 most hilarious tumblr posts italian exchange student

Having a fun time with drugs

 most hilarious tumblr posts drugs

This person should have been a poet

 most hilarious tumblr posts poetry

Free toilet paper!

 most hilarious tumblr posts toilet paper

Obama in a music video

 most hilarious tumblr posts obama music video

The president focuses on the most important things

 most hilarious tumblr posts president

These people only want you to eat right

 most hilarious tumblr posts eat right

What LOVE really stands for

 most hilarious tumblr posts love

A love story about gulls and buoys

 most hilarious tumblr posts love story

Iceland is pretty metal

 most hilarious tumblr posts iceland

What sleep deprivation can do to you

 most hilarious tumblr posts sleep deprivation

Words of wisdom you need to hear when you are down

 most hilarious tumblr posts words of wisdom

Awesome idea to confuse future archaeologists

 most hilarious future archaeologists tumblr posts

How Obama attends high school reunions

 most hilarious high school reunions tumblr posts

Behold the science side of Tumblr!

 most hilarious science tumblr post

How you should name bands

 most hilarious bands related tumblr post

All hail the crab lord!

 most hilarious crab lord tumblr post

Finally, we know who the guy is we learn about in math

most hilarious tumblr math related post

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The Most Hilarious Tumblr Posts of All Time


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