A Painting of Pablo Picasso Has a Hidden Painting

Pablo Picasso The Blue Room

Pablo Picasso The Blue Room

Much to everybody’s surprise, Pablo Picasso’s The Blue Room has a secret painting hidden beneath the original, which has been very recently discovered by scientists using infrared imagery.

What’s the Scoop behind Pablo Picasso’s Work?

Hidden Painting beneath The Blue Room

Scientists working on the painting with infrared imagery have found a mysterious, bow-tied man, who is resting his face on his hand within Pablo Picasso’s painting titled The Blue Room. Experts are currently searching for the identity of the man and trying to guess as to why Picasso might have painted him in the first place.

The Blue Room is one of the first masterpieces of Pablo Picasso and conservators at Phillips Collection at Washington are now hoping to find the answer to the identity of the man and the reason behind his appearance in the painting.

The mystery has fueled the research about the painting which was created by the artist quite early in his career while he worked in Paris. The Blue Room in fact is a work from the distinctive blue period of Picasso’s work which revolved around melancholic subjects and concepts.

The hidden, bow-tied man was first identified in the painting last week and since then has left scientists, conservators and curators at Phillips Collection in an awestricken situation. A clearer image of the man in the painting was developed just three days ago and this vertical composition of an unknown man painted by one of the century’s greatest artists has certainly left everybody hunting for answers and probable reasons.

Infrared Imagery


It was long back when the conservators first suspected the presence of something else under the surface of The Blue Room. When in 2008, improved infrared imagery showed a man with rings on his fingers, resting his face on his hands, technical analysts were made to study the portrait in great detail. It was discovered that The Blue Room certainly did have another painting, painted just before it and was certainly hidden by Pablo Picasso for a reason known entirely to him. Curators then used high-tech scans to make the image clearer to get further insights on the painting of the bow-tied man.

Revealing Hidden Painting

Pablo Picasso might have painted the man in the picture in a moment of sudden inspiration or perhaps he had his own reasons for doing so. The curators, however, believe there is a deeper meaning to the presence of the man in the painting and are trying to uncover that. The large brushstrokes of the hidden painting signify something to the curators and they are trying to nail the idea and realize it as soon as they possibly can.

Pablo Picasso The Blue Room Under a Microscope

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A Painting of Pablo Picasso Has a Hidden Painting


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