Perks and Benefits of Being in a Relationship

Being in a Relationship

Being in a Relationship

There are people who think being in a relationship sucks, but this isn’t true for the many of us. Perhaps the handful of those who think being in a relationship doesn’t feel so great refer to some messed up personal experience at a relationship. But there are certain perks that only a person in a relationship enjoys and they don’t only make them a better person on the whole, but also provide the much needed inspiration in life as well. Below mentioned are some amazing perks that only being in a relationship will let one enjoy.

Perks of Being in a Relationship

1. You can recognize your redeeming qualities

When and if someone is sticking with you, you definitely ponder why? And this question really answers that perhaps you might have one or two redeeming qualities which makes that person stick with you in your highs and lows. This also tricks other people into thinking that you finally have all your shit together. How? I wouldn’t know that for sure, but it certainly does! Also, your emoji-per-each-text-ratio certainly does increase by some 300% altogether when you are in a relationship.

2. Double the motivation

Be it motivation for anything but when you are in a relationship, you have double motivation for everything you do or plan on doing. From eating spicy nachos with your special someone to looking better physically or meeting up for a round of drinks, every motivation is multiplied twice for people who are in a relationship. However, this does depend on finding the right person who brings out the best in you.

3. You become a cheese expert

Since committed couples do try out things like tasting truffles in Pecorino, they do get some sort of expertise on cheese. Here, I am talking from personal experience since I have known people in relationships gaining from each other’s company and learning about cheese altogether. When single, you’ll only know which cheese goes best with your crackers but being in a relationship certainly helps you tackle insecurities even if it’s related to picking out the best cheese to be served as hors d’oeuvre.

4. You become a professional drink holder

And this is not being sarcastic at all. When in a relationship and going out together, you two can learn from holding drinks for each other while the other one is kind of busy somewhere or caught up in the middle of something. According to a friend, one of the top 3 uses of having a boyfriend is that you have someone to hold your drink at times or else you’ll just have to abandon them at the bar if you have a call to attend or something similar in nature.

5. Reasonable house cleaning

Because I know I have someone coming over most times of the day, I end up cleaning my house and even changing my bed sheets which normally I wouldn’t have done until Hilary Clinton’s inauguration ceremony somewhere in 2017.

6. Easy out from plans you don’t like

Since you have a partner, you can always tell people they are your first priority if you don’t feel like attending that stupid game they are inviting you to. This way you don’t piss them off, keep your goodwill and definitely spend the time well.

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Perks and Benefits of Being in a Relationship


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