Yrjö Edelmann’s Amazingly Realistic Paintings of Packages

realistic paintings packages

Fantasy or reality? What is the difference between reality and fantasy? Yrjö Edelmann’s realistic paintings of package are often located between fact and dream, a place where the human eye strolls through a maze of infinite proportions.

Artists have for centuries tried to deceive the human eye by presenting a truly trompe l’oeil picture. So is the case with Edelmann too, who tries to achieve this with his realistic paintings of packages.

The pictures seen below may look like hastily and carelessly wrapped gifts, but they are actually paintings that look so realistic that you might even try to remove the tapes. In fact, the strings you see used to wrap the gift are also oil on a canvas, instead of real strings.

Ever since Edelmann stepped into the artist world, he has devoted himself to graphic art and oil paintings. His works have recently caught the eyes of both critics and the media and catapulted him to the center of the stage. He is not only well-known in Sweden (where he is from) but also abroad and has exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and New York.

Born in 1941, Yrjö Edelmann moved from Helsinki, Finland to Sweden ten years later with his family. He started drawing at an early age and started working for comic strip magazines. He then worked as an illustrator for a publisher in Stockholm for many years. He was heavily influenced by French surrealism with its dreamlike, irrational motifs and developed his own pictorial language. He also experimented a lot with hyperrealism before becoming absorbed in making realistic paintings of packages and wrapping paper.

The idea of painting realistic wrapped gifts came to Edelmann when he wrapped a bottle of Absolut Vodka and painted it. It became a success and gradually his parcels became more complex and intricate.

Realistic Paintings of Packages

realistic paintings display

realistic paintings green

realistic paintings packages

realistic paintings of packages

realistic paintings yellow

realistic paintings two

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Yrjö Edelmann’s Amazingly Realistic Paintings of Packages


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