Amazing Pictures Of The Shanghai Skyline Taken By A Crane Operator

shanghai skyline eve

The series of pictures below of the Shanghai skyline won the second prize in the Shanghai City Photography Competition. However, these pictures were not taken by a professional photographer. Instead, the photographer, Wei Gensheng, is a crane operator in Shanghai.  In fact, Gensheng works on the city’s highest crane, located on the Shanghai Tower’s construction lot.

Upon its completion, the Shanghai Tower will stand about 632m (2,073ft) tall and have 121 stories. It will be the tallest structure of any kind in China. It will also be the second-tallest building in the world, right behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa at 830m (2,722ft). The 84th to 110th floors will be occupied by Jin Jiang Hotel, which will be the tallest hotel in the world. The Shanghai Tower is one of three super-tall buildings in Shanghai, the other two being the Shanghai World Financial Centre and Jin Mao Tower.

Gensheng took advantage of the breathtaking view from his ‘office’ in the crane to capture stunning pictures of the Shanghai skyline. Little did he know that these photographs would make him the most popular crane operator and help him win the second prize in one of the country’s most prestigious photography competitions. As the construction of the Shanghai Tower continued, Gensheng’s view of the Shanghai skyline got more and more amazing.

Gensheng’s photographs of the Shanghai skyline display the mystical cityscape with numerous skyscraper tops and tower spikes talking with the clouds. These magnificent shots of the Shanghai skyline are normal for Gensheng and he sees this view everyday. It’s a good thing he decided to make photography his hobby and thought about sharing these amazing views with the world.

Shanghai Skyline As Captured By A Crane Operator

shanghai skyline

shanghai skyline sun

shanghai skyline mist

shanghai skyline clouds

shanghai skyline ming tower

shanghai skyline eve

shanghai sunset

shanghai eve

shanghai crane

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Amazing Pictures Of The Shanghai Skyline Taken By A Crane Operator


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