Statue Selfies – The Next Great Selfie Craze

Statue Selfies

Statue Selfies

It certainly doesn’t look like the selfie trend will die out any time soon, especially when people are always on the lookout for new and unique ways of creating their own interpretation of the selfie. The latest trend in this race is the statue selfies trend.

Like many other great Internet trends, the statue selfies trend started on Reddit. A user on Reddit had the clever idea of photographing statues in such a way that it seemed like they were taking a selfie. The models in these selfies are plaster replications of the original statues placed in the Vatican Museums.

Statue Taking Selfie

The Origins of the Statue Selfies Trend

On a visit to the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland, the Reddit user included the museum’s collection of plaster Greco-Roman statues in his series of statue selfies, which started the whole trend with everyone submitting their own interpretation of a statue selfie.

The Reddit user cleverly angled his smartphone around the outstretched arms of the statues to make it look like the statues were taking the picture themselves. The pictures now indicate that the statues are partaking in the latest social media trend. By placing the camera just behind the hands of the statue’s long arms, the photographer was able to create humorously realistic-looking pictures. People can see it as a way of joining old art with new art (if selfie can be called an art), a bridge between the past and the present.

Statue Selfie

Although the art gallery staff were giving him “strange looks”, the Reddit user was successful in taking 4 statue selfies, each picture displaying a statue with an elongated arm that was just perfect for creating the selfie look. What’s even more interesting is the expression on the face of the statues, which are just in line with the “selfie faces” that come in conjunction with selfies.

Statue Selfie Trend

The statue selfies series then became viral, with other Redditors contributing to the trend. Soon, a whole subreddit was created dedicated to the statue selfies series. It has already been populated with numerous such pictures, with new ones coming each day. It looks like the creative side of the selfie game has really taken off. The best part about this trend is that almost anyone can contribute. If you have a camera or smartphone and find yourself near a statue, just go ahead and take a picture!

If you are concerned about the art, a wise Reddit user has already raised the issue and advised participants to avoid touching the sculpture, even if it means abandoning a potential picture. We have all seen what happens when you touch a piece of fragile art, so it’s better to just steer clear from touching them.

Statue Selfies Trend

This trend just goes to show how people are continuing to mix antiquated artifacts with the current societal and digital trends. I don’t see anyone having problems with this trend as long as people mind the art while doing so. Of course, no one would want to destroy some priceless piece of artifact just for a crazy trend.

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Statue Selfies – The Next Great Selfie Craze


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