Things You Should Not Forget If You Wake Up At 3am

Awake at Night


Have you ever found yourself awake at 3am and wondered about your existence? Do you often wake up randomly during the night and then spend the rest of your time thinking stupid things that do not even mean anything in broad daylight? Well, if this is certainly a routine of a kind for you, here’s what you should think whenever you wake up at 3am or close to the middle of the night.

It’s 3am

Awake at Night

For god’s sake, its 3am and people are absolutely sound asleep in their homes, out on streets or wherever sleep hits them. You don’t have dementia and there certainly isn’t any need for you to be awake at this hour, unless you have something really important to do or perhaps you want to give some late night attention to your partner. Unless and until you have any such thing to do, do yourself a favor and go back to sleep!

You’re actually alive and it’s a blessing

When life and thoughts bring you down at 3am, think about yourself being alive! You can breathe, smile, laugh, cry and do simply whatever you want to do. Since you are awake, take a moment to appreciate life and just let go of everything else that might bring you down. Say goodbye to old, saddened memories and thank god for a wonderful life.

Everything’s okay

It definitely is okay. Whatever you do or choose to do, it’s your life and you certainly don’t have to be answerable to anyone or apologize for that reason. Everything’s okay until you’re okay. So when you have a kind of guilt attack while you wake up from a deep sleep at 3am, think that it’s okay to be who you are, where you are and what you’ll become.

You’re not alone

Since you are awake, you certainly don’t have to be alone. Call up your best friend. After all, they aren’t your best friends if they cannot be your 3am friends. People who love you will be willing to talk to you no matter what. So the next time you’re up at 3, give your friends or family a ring for some good roundup in the middle of the night.

Think about animals in general

Awake at 3am

Even they have an existence. If you don’t feel like indulging in some heavy thoughts, think about street cats and stray dogs outside. Think what they’d be doing at such an hour, how they survive or just about anything you feel like thinking about animals in general.

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Things You Should Not Forget If You Wake Up At 3am


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