Thoughts We Think But Will Never Admit To



There are times when each one of us has thoughts of answering back to someone who has been indulging us in something we would otherwise have been least interested in. Whether it’s courtesy that stops us from speaking out our thoughts aloud or something else, I wouldn’t know for certain. But what I do know is there are thoughts every one of us have that we would like to speak out aloud but we don’t really indulge ourselves.

Check Out These Thoughts Here:

  1. Why do you have to count and tell me your kid is 72 months old? He’s 6! Tell me that and get over it!
  2. This woman might have been hot in her days, but she certainly grosses me out now!
  3. I wonder how this person would react if they knew I saw their nudes?
  4. I’m listening to Hannah Montana! I wonder how people will react to it now after all the Miley Cyrus crazy shit happening.
  5. I secretly peed in the sea while bathing next to you. Certainly, you would’ve done that too!
  6. You’re my best friend and I should think your dog is cute, but I just know mine is cuter.
  7. Does my teacher know I hate her?
  8. Does my teacher know I was drunk some couple of hours back and making out with a total stranger?
  9. Why don’t they make iPods to automatically surf the web and play the song I like most! I paid a lot of shit for this piece of crap!
  10. Who do they think they’re kidding!
  11. You’re an asshole!
  12. I would’ve done a better job at kissing Ryan Gosling in the rain! Rachel McAdams was just okay.
  13. I know I just called her a slut, but she looks awesome and I would give a limb to look like her.
  14. You’re wrong woman! I don’t need to lose weight! You need to stuff away your insecurities.
  15. You’re handsome, can we go out together?
  16. I wish there were days in the year we could eat whatever we want and still not gain a pound.
  17. No, I haven’t seen the movie, but yes, I Googled it to discuss it with you. Yeah, I am so desperate for a convo!
  18. I am saving the last bit of my drink so that people can see me walking with a Starbucks cup.
  19. I simply hate the plan you’re making. I wish I could sit at home and eat junk.
  20. Can’t wait for the tags on all those photos! I look bloody awesome!
  21. I hate fake laughing when you’re around. My cheeks hurt! Go home already!
  22. Why are they all looking at me? Have I gained pounds or what?
  23. I wonder what he’s thinking staring at that woman across the room?
  24. I am in a bad place. Don’t fucking give me soothing advices. If you’re concerned, help me find out a way.
  25. Just stop talking already!

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Thoughts We Think But Will Never Admit To


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