Young and Old Relatives Swap Clothes with Each Other

relatives swap clothes malay grandson

Time changes. Society changes. Style changes. However, the one thing that remains constant is the love between every generation. Photographer Qozop takes these simple facts and brings them to a position of prominence in an awesome collection of photographs. This series of photographs is named Spring-Autumn. In the photographs, the young and old relatives swap clothes and their positions with each other and Qozop then places the two pictures side by side. The result brings to light the differences and similarities between the two different generations, but more importantly it emphasizes on the fun and love that can be shared by people of different generations.

For the Spring-Autumn project, Qozop convinced people from various Asian nations to swap clothes with their older relative and be photographed. This project takes the phrase ‘living in someone else’s shoes for a day’ literally. According to Qozop, the aim of the project was to show that although Asia has become westernized to a certain degree, its cultures and traditions can still be seen through the clothes people wear. The older generations frequently dress in their traditional attire, while the younger ones have abandoned their ethnic attire in favor of Western styles. Although the older relatives were a bit reluctant to be photographed in this way, they finally conceded and were very pleased with the results.

It was practically impossible for both the young and old relatives to keep a straight face after changing their clothes and positions, enjoying the fun they are having with each other. In this almost magical series, Qozop captures the beauty of the emotions and love between the two relatives.

Young and Old Relatives Swap Clothes

An Indian grandson and grandfather

 relatives swap clothes indian grandson

A Chinese granddaughter and grandmother

 relatives swap clothes chinese granddaughter

A Malay daughter and mother

relatives swap clothes malay daughter 

A Chinese grandson and grandfather

 relatives swap clothes chinese grandson

An Indian granddaughter and grandmother

relatives swap clothes indian granddaughter 

A Malay grandson and grandfather

 relatives swap clothes malay grandson

A Chinese daughter and mother

 relatives swap clothes chinese daughter

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Young and Old Relatives Swap Clothes with Each Other


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